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  Our History
  • Ken W5NKT started the Wisconsin SSB Net (1961) as well as the North Stars Net. In 1987 he instituted the Midwest Classic Radio Net. He did it in an effort to revive interest in old boat anchor gear that at that time was near worthless. He relinquished control of the net about a year later due to health reasons and also because he felt that a station more centrally located would serve the net more effectively. Ken thought Mark KA9FBX would make a good choice as he was in the Chicago area and ran decent power.  (Thanks to Kevin KD∅KME for providing the info on Ken)

  • Mark KA9FBX ran the net for a few years. Mark reportedly was known for his casual operation of the net. Ken reportedly returned to running the net again for a while after Mark.

  • He was followed by Rob WA9ZTY (SK). Roberta, Rob's widow, recently found an early log entry by Rob stating he ran the net on March 31, 1996. Rob ran the net for about 13 years. Rob was extremely proficient in boat anchor history and technical knowledge.

  • In May 2008 Harry N9CQX assumed the NCO duties. He decided to manage the net by scheduling volunteer operators. Currently there are three additional operators who share the net control duties:

    • John  K9KEU
    • John  K9QET
    • Rick   N9RK

    • and one emergency stand-by net control operator:
    • Roger   WQ9E

    • These stations have also helped out with NCS duty
    • Frank   W∅QC
    • Dave    N9WQ
    • Dave    W9WRL
    • Tom      W9QI
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